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Founder's voice

EO Guidage, a socially conscious
company serving the disabled

"When I founded EO GUIDAGE in 1993, I never would have imagined that the products we would create would become a mainstay of accessibility in France, at times benefiting from increasingly strict accessibility legislation.

This is the case for not only our radio controlled pedestrian signals, which can now be found in more than 500 cities in France, but also for detectable warnings and tactile maps which provide everyone with information.

In terms of internal company diversity, EO-EDPS is also a leader, with over twenty employees with different backgrounds and career paths: trainees work together with young graduates, seniors with students, and the disabled with the non-disabled.

As a token of its success, EO-EDPS has recently been awarded OSEO Excellence status, which identifies outstanding French entrepreneurs at the national level, exceptional companies that have sustained two-digit growth of revenue and staff over the past two to five years.

Through its products, EO-EDPS enables its clients to help visually impaired collaborators achieve their full potential, and considers their feedback and ideas as an invaluable basis for future product development.

With our products, we can help you play an active role in the integration of the visually impaired into society. "

Gilles ROCHON Founding President