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Tools for users with low vision

We believe that each person should have access to a tool that best fits both his personal style and his disability.

Our research is founded on several key concepts: quality user experience, designs that improve accessibility for everyone (what we call “universal design”), ergonomics, and interoperability.

Our audio devices all support remote activation with the help of tools we provide. These devices are becoming information centers that only speak when spoken to, which guarantees a peaceful and noise free environment the rest of the time.

EO GUIDAGE is a proponent of simple tools that don’t discriminate and are interoperable.  All of our audio-enabled devices can thus be activated with any standards-compliant remote control provided by various organizations for the disabled, city hall, among others. In order to provide even better service, EO GUIDAGE also has a line of multi-use technical solutions that extend on this basic functionality.

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Take advantage of our expertise !

We can provide an in-depth analysis of your needs from either a map you provide or an on-site visit.

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Discover KAPTEO,
the first vocal GPS for visually-impaired people !

From home to your destination, KAPTEO informs you of your location and suggests routes to your destination.

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Already 65.000
EO GUIDAGE accessibility solutions in use today !

Since 1993, EO GUIDAGE works daily for a more accessible urban environment.

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